SpokeLit Disc-O Multi-Color LED Light

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Niteize SpokeLit LED Spoke Light - Disc-O Select

Light up your bike in whatever color you choose!

For biking at night, it is extremely important to make yourself as visible as possible to other cars, but harsh bike lights can be distracting to yourself and other drivers. With the bright, colorful illumination of the SpokeLit LED Spoke Light from NiteIze, light up your bike with fun colors while being obvious to other cars at night. With six color options to choose from, the SpokeLit is water and shock resistant, easily attached to the standard three-spoke pattern bike wheels by pressing the groove of the SpokeLit into the wheel spoke and sliding it until secure. When you want to choose a color, simply press the back, allow it to cycle through the color options, and press the back again to stop it on one color. If you don't want to pick, simply press the back once and allow it to continuously cycle through colors! Comes in a single or two-pack if you want to ride with another person.

Features and Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.7"x 1.4"x 1.1"(120mm x 36mm x 28mm)
  • Weight: 0.95oz (27g)
  • Battery Run Time: Glow: 20 hours or Flash: 25 hours
  • Includes 2 x replaceable 2016 3V lithium batteries
  • 6 LED Color Options
  • Fits most standard 3 spoke cross pattern bike wheels
  • Shock and water resistant
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